Bucks night, otherwise known as a bachelor party, offers the chance for a groom and his close friends to have an awesome night creating memories that can last a lifetime. If you are in charge of playing this occasion in Sydney, here are things you should keep in mind.

Choosing the Venue

When choosing the venue in Sydney, consider the cost, space, and convenience. Do not rule out someone’s home, as this is the least expensive way to go and offers additional privacy and ease. Outside a friend’s home, popular venues include hotel meeting rooms and nightclubs. If one of the groom’s friends lives in an apartment complex, there may be a clubhouse available that you can rent for an evening. One of the biggest factors to consider is noise-level and sense of freedom. Bucks nights can become raucous affairs very quickly, and you will want everyone to be able to get a little wild without worrying about disturbing neighbors or having law enforcement called.


Hiring the Entertainment

Traditional bachelor parties are presumed to be the groom’s last chance at debauchery before he walks down the aisle. This is of course why these parties are known for a lot of sexual pranks/innuendo and the presence of strippers. Finding local strippers requires only a quick look in the phone book or a search online.

Keep in mind the tastes of the groom. If he is not one who feels comfortable with having strippers, then choose some other form of entertainment. This is, after all, a party for him. When in doubt, you should ask.

In any case, keep it classy enough that no one has regrets after the party. The organizer of the party is responsible for making sure guests behave with respect towards these women. Some have a “look but do not touch” policy and that needs to be obeyed.


Bucks night guests are usually the groom’s closest male friends. This should make it easy when you are deciding the number of invitations to send out. Ask the groom to supply you with a list of people he wants to be invited. Invitations should be sent out and least a few weeks in advance, so that everyone has time to plan for it and avoid conflicts in schedules.

Food and Drink

If you have the budget, the easiest way to handle food and drink is to have it catered. Alternatively, you could arrange for the main dinner to be held at a restaurant, and then have snacks and beverages available at the party room. For a casual bucks party at home, you can order a bunch of pizzas to be delivered.

Activities and Gifts

Planning activities and giving gifts is not required, but can make this party extra special. There is a wide range of bucks party ideas in Sydney. It can be centered on the groom’s favorite pastime. For example, if he loves golf, a mini putting green can be set up and golf-themed centerpieces used. These extra elements can be kept as a surprise.

Keeping Guests Safe

Unless you are holding the party at a hotel, where everyone can simply crawl to their rooms when it is over, plan to have safe transportation for all guests who have been drinking. This could mean having someone who volunteers as a designated driver or hiring a car service. Knowing that this is available will let guests relax more and let their hair down, and may prevent tragedies.

Whatever your destination is, remember that the most important thing about these parties is that the groom has a safe and great time. Every aspect you plan should be aimed towards that purpose.

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