If you’re planning to take your kids to Miami, you’re practically guaranteed a fun, exciting trip for the whole family. Of course, when you’re taking your kids anywhere, you’re also often guaranteed a little stress, the occasional tantrum, and a sore back from when they decide they don’t want to walk any further. That last point is a good reason to consider car rental in Miami.

Luckily, there are a few things you can do to ensure your trip is successful and reduce the stress for everyone involved:

Do your research

While there are many fun activities to do in Miami, this can actually make it more difficult when you’re narrowing those activities down and trying to fit them in your schedule. If you try to pack too much in, you’ll be left with exhausted, upset kids, and exhausted, upset parents. Instead, spend some time on some top Miami blogs and websites to find out what types of activities will be best for your kids depending on their ages. This will also help you find the best area for your hotel, best restaurants for your family, and more.


Hire a car

Renting a car in Miami is a must, particularly if you’re traveling with kids. You can grab your car at the airport when you fly in, and immediately have the freedom to go wherever and do whatever you please. If you have small children, or your kids are spaced far apart, renting a car makes it easy for the young ones to go back to the hotel for a nap while your older kids go to the beach or check out a museum.

Add on a few days

As mentioned earlier, there are many fun activities in Miami- so many that before you know it, it can be time to leave- often before you’ve even spent a day at the beach. The answer? Take the amount of time you’re planning to spend in Miami and add a few extra days. Both you and your kids will be thankful for the extra time, and you can use it to go to the beach, take a road trip, or even take a short cruise from Miami with the kids.

Take a road trip

Miami is perfectly located if you and your family like to take road trips. If you’ve got time, head up to Orlando to scream your lungs out on the rollercoasters. Alternatively, spend a day or two in Key West or relax in Fort Lauderdale. A trip to the Everglades is a fun and educational trip for the whole family, with lots of different wildlife and the type of nature many city kids won’t see outside of Florida.


Check the weather

This is a big one- fail to check the weather in Miami and you could have days of sitting inside on your hands. While Miami is known for its perfect beach temperatures and endless sun, it also sees a lot of rain. That’s why it’s a good idea to bring ponchos and umbrellas. The best time to visit is between March and May. Hurricane season is from June to November, and the winter months are usually good weather but you’ll see more people visiting to escape the weather at home.

Don’t’ forget to pack lots of sunscreen and layers for the kids. They’ll also need flip-flops. Swimsuits, shorts, and sweaters for restaurants with chilly air conditioning.

If you’re planning a trip to Miami with your kids, the above tips will help reduce the stress. What are your top tips? Leave a comment below and let me know.


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