Vienna may be pretty to look at, but beneath its stunning surface is a vibrant and buzzing city. If you’re not careful on your next trip out there, you could miss the action! Luckily, you’ve landed on this blog, and in today’s post, you should pick up the tips and tricks that will help you to plan the trip of a lifetime to Austria’s fair capital.

1.      Match your accommodation to your trip

First things first, you should figure out where you’re going to stay, and that all depends on the kind of trip you want. Vienna is incredibly popular with couples wanting to spend a romantic break away together, so you’ll find tonnes of luxury boutique hotels with spas and wellness centres, as well as parks and grand house gardens for you to take a stroll nearby.

If you’re heading there for some culture though, you’d probably be better off renting a chic apartment in the Inner Stadt. Just make sure that wherever you stay, you check out the walking distances and transport to the closest attractions.


2.      Book tickets in advance where you can

Are you heading out to Vienna for one of their famous music festivals? If so, you’ll definitely want to book your tickets in advance. This is a city that’s bursting with musical tradition and history, so anything to do with ballets, operas and concerts will sell out quickly.

If you don’t want to miss out then look for credible sites with dates, times and upcoming shows listed, such as; you’ll also be able to take a peek at the venues, making sure you can plan the rest of your sightseeing around the day.

3.      Check out reviews before you go

People can get a little nervous when trying new cuisines abroad, but it’s all part and parcel of the travelling experience and learning about new cultures, so try to stick to three simple rules. Firstly, check out reviews for restaurants in the area before you go, so that you have a few key options to stick by if you can’t find anything whilst out exploring the city.

Secondly, if it’s a street vendor, ask yourself: how many people are queuing? The number of people waiting to be served is a healthy sign that it’s a thriving business amongst the locals. Finally, search for food bloggers who live in the area. Their in-depth knowledge will help you identify authentic, hidden gems in Vienna, away from the tourists.


4.      The hot spots

It helps to know a few of the top attractions in the area when heading to a new country. Without a doubt your first stop should be the 1,441-room Schönbrunn Palace, as this decadent former Imperial resident is the jewel in the crown for many tourists.

If you take a stroll through its gardens you’ll also find the world’s oldest zoo; Tiergarten Schönbrunn is of great zoological and architectural significance, being beautifully maintained since 1752.

When are you planning on heading to Vienna?

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