Travelling is truly amazing and there is no way anyone can deny this. For the passionate travellers out there who don’t have unlimited sums of money at their disposal, travelling and finding ways to travel cheaper are more than just options: they are, in one way or another, a true lifestyle. Its not unheard of for dedicated travellers to even make adjustments to their personal tax prep software to optimize their refunds. After all, the more you get back, the more you have to travel with!If you are a backpacker, you will want to read and keep in mind the following backpacker tips for saving money. They can truly help you a lot!


Cheap Accommodation

It is not difficult to find cheaper accommodation if you book well in advance (months earlier, than is). Although the general price for a hostel room is quite low, you can even save more money if you plan ahead and book several months before your arrival at your travel destination. Even more, you should also know the fact that many hostels accept backpackers set up their own tents in the hostel’s backyard, which can save you a lot of money.

Cheap Food

The number one rule of thumb when it comes to cheap eating when travelling is not to eat out and, if you do, not to eat out at expensive, fancy restaurants. You can very well experience local cuisine in smaller eating places and you can very well experience the greatness of travelling if you cook your own food at the hostel as well (do book a room in a hostel with a kitchen if you plan on doing that though).


Don’t Take a Lot of Things with You

When packing your bags, make sure that you only take the things that are actually necessary: some clothes suitable for the weather of the place you are going to visit, footwear, lingerie, toothbrush and other basic things. Leave home that fancy dress and do leave home those gorgeous earrings as well. This way, you will both be able to save money on airport luggage and you will be able to avoid the risk of having precious things stolen from you.

Don’t Drink Out

This goes the same as it does with eating out. Drinking at bars and clubs is expensive almost anywhere you go in the world. If you are travelling with friends, buy supermarket beverages and drink them in the hostel room. You may want to make sure that the hostel’s policy does not go against this because, as surprising as it may be, many of them do.

Walk and Bike Yourself Around

Cabs are expensive regardless of the place you are visiting. That means that you should avoid them as much as possible, especially if you are bound to travel on a budget. Instead, walking around the city will be a much healthier and a much cheaper option. Even more, you can get to actually enjoy the view while walking (more than you would ever be able to while going by car). If you do have to reach a more distant spot, see if the city you are visiting does not have any bike rental facilities. Many of them do, especially in Europe.

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