You and your partner may love to travel, but what if an exotic wedding  on an island oasis or a French chateau is off the cards? The next best thing is to plan your wedding to fit around a travel inspired theme. By taking care of details and adding small, travel inspired touches, you can easily make it so that both yourselves and your guests feel that they’ve been whisked away to somewhere faraway. Here are our best tips for organizing and successfully having a travel themed wedding.


Postcard Invites

Why not get into the travel spirit straight away by sending out postcard invites? You can decorate them however you’d like, and the best thing is that they might be cheaper than traditional card invites. Or, you might even want to create your own if you have a good enough printer. If your travel themed wedding is going to be centered around a specific country, you might like to reflect this in the postcards – or, you could make them all about yourselves. The choice is yours.


When it comes to decorating your wedding venue and wedding gowns, there are a number of great ways in which you can use globes, either big or small. Use them as centerpieces, other décor, escort cards or even as a backdrop for the perfect travel themed wedding ring shot.

Favor Boxes

Why not save money by creating your own favor boxes, and recycling old maps to make them? Favor boxes look a whole lot more interesting when they’re covered in maps, and you can decorate them further with pretty colored ribbons and vintage postage stamps.


Paper Plane Confetti

If you’re looking for alternatives to traditional confetti, how about a paper airplane toss instead? Use pretty colored paper to make the paper airplanes, or even better, use map print outs. This is also an ideal option for those venues which don’t allow confetti as paper planes don’t take anywhere near as much cleaning up work afterward.

Map Seating Plan

For a great travel themed idea, why not section off the different tables in your venue into different countries, and display a seating plan on a map? Or, you could name the different tables after the places that you have visited or would love to visit. For a bonus, you could also include some information for your guests about the country that their table is named after.

Beach Themed Wedding

If you’d love a beach wedding but it simply isn’t in the budget, it’s pretty easy to create a beach themed wedding to make you feel like you’re tying the knot on an exotic shore. Use seashells and even driftwood as centerpieces, and include driftwood signs directing guests to different areas of the venue. You could even make amazing centerpieces and other décor from colored sand.

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