Famous worldwide for its wildlife, wines and ranging landscapes- from towering Alps to bountiful plains, from imposing glaciers to crystal waters, New Zealand is nothing less than breathtaking. It is a place which demands to be discovered by hitting the road. Though there is hardly a route in the country which is not scenic, following are 5 of the best there are:


Auckland and Bay of Islands Loop: It is the perfect route to hit in New Zealand if you do not have much time in hand. From the brilliant waters of the northern coast to the beauty that the Bay of Islands is, there is so much to see. From sunbathing on the beaches of Omapere to checking out the vineyards of Wahike Island, there is so much to do. The best time to go on a drive here is between the months of July and August. The South Island is covered in snow around this time making the view of dolphins, whales and penguins all the more spectacular.

The Lindis Pass: One of the most popular routes in New Zealand is that of Lindis Pass. This road connects the quaint little towns of Cromwell and Omarama. With snow as a backdrop, winter is the ideal season to go on a road trip here.

Queenstown to Glenorchy: Travellers swear by the beauty of the route from Queenstown to Glenorchy. The panoramic views along the way promise to please you in the best way possible. Lake Wakatipu, with its clear sparkling waters, makes the highlight of the trip.


Christchurch to Marlborough Wine Country: From little roadside cafes to the many blind turns along the road, hidden delights await you on the drive from Christchurch to Marlborough Wine Country. This route passes Amberly, reserve of Mata Kopau Lagoon, Hundalees, Conway River among other spectacular places. It is particularly famous for the brilliant ecotourism and photography opportunities that it offers, ideal for whale watching and capturing sunbathing seals. The drive ends at Marlborough Wine Country, home to some of the most famous Souvignon Blancs of the world. 

Wanaka to Queenstown via Cardona: If adventure is on your mind, a drive from Wanaka to Queenstown via Cardona is the trip to take. It offers opportunities of skiing, bungee jumping, and whitewater rafting, among other adventure sports along the way. With steep climbs and slopes, the road here is itself as challenging as it gets. This is undoubtedly one of the most fun-filled routes in the country.

Driving yourself to places allows you to explore the unbeaten trails and tracks. A rental car in New Zealand is all in all a convenient affair.



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