Regardless of who you are or where you are from, regardless of your ethnicity or sex, travelling can be an amazing experience of discovery and self-discovery at the very same time. If you are a male traveller, you will definitely want to read on and find out the best tips for men who travel. These tips may not bring the world on a plate, but they can definitely add a lot to your entire experience and they can make it better and help you avoid some common mistakes men make when traveling.


Good Antiperspirant

Alright, this may sound odd, but you really need a good antiperspirant when travelling. All those nights spent in the airport or bus station, all that running around trying to see and do as many things as possible and all that warm weather can really get to you – and they will get to you in the shape of sweaty shirts and a lack of physical comfort. Some good antiperspirant can really go a long way when it comes to avoiding the discomfort and the uneasiness you can feel in these situations, so do not hesitate to invest in it. Lynx body spray is a great option if you want to smell and feel good.

Hold Your Liquor

If you are travelling abroad and plan on going out at night to have some local fun, make sure you are well aware of the legislation in the area regarding drinking alcohol. You may be surprised, but this can save you out of a lot of trouble because each country may have different laws when it comes to their liquor. Of course, this is valid for ladies travelling too! Generally speaking, keeping yourself under control can go a very long way (the same way as common sense will).


Pay Attention to Who You Meet

It happens quite often that men who travel (alone or not) want to seek some sort of romance or flirting as well. Before you try to “pick-up” that pretty girl though, make sure that you know the culture and that you won’t offend her by offering her a drink. There are places in the world where this could be considered as an offence and it will not only lead to the girl refusing you, but it could get much worse. Just be aware of local customs and do your best to respect them – there’s nothing worse than unintentionally finding yourself in a fight or argument in a foreign land.

You Are Not Invulnerable

Believe it or not, the fact that you are a man is not necessarily something that will automatically save you from pickpockets and muggers, so always make sure that you stay safe. Again, common sense can go a long way when it comes to this. That odd hotel? That dubious bar? That not-so-friendly neighborhood? Better avoid them than regret it later on.

Don’t Break the Law
Some parts of the world, especially Asia, have extremely harsh laws for things that might be left to slide back home. Be aware of the the local laws and do your best to abide by them at all times. Small mistakes can have grace consequences in foreign lands, especially if the police system is corrupt.

Traveling is a lot of fun and if you stick to these tips you should have a trouble-free holiday.


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