The truth is, travel can be less expensive than you imagine. Shorter trips cost more – not in total, but per day. For me, generally, the largest expense tends to be airfares, followed by travel insurance or accommodation and then everything else. Once you’ve paid for flights, it makes more sense to spend longer in the destination as the average price per day that you paid for flights decreases. Of course, this is not an option for everyone, but something to keep in mind when thinking about whether you would rather travel for a longer or shorter duration.

Once you’ve sorted out flights, there’s accommodation, money for food and entertainment, insurance as well as random bits and pieces along the way. It can be hard planning a trip to somewhere you’ve never been as you don’t know how much basic things cost or how much to expect to pay for things like food and taxis.

I’ve been using this infographic, and while it’s designed for a South African audience it still gives an easy way to see how much costs are in varying countries. I just use a currency conversion app and change it into USD so I can see how much things cost roughly. Getting familiar with the cost of things is a great way to get confident in the currency before visiting and also so that you can estimate how much you’ll need to take along for your trip.

Check it out below. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.


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