Everyone loves a good getaway and there’s no better way to encapsulate unforgettable moments than with a photograph – they say a picture is worth a thousand words!

Know your camera

Before you start thinking about the different ways you can capture the best images on your holiday, the most important thing to do is make sure you can actually operate your camera. This may sound like a no brainer, but people often underestimate electrical equipment and end up struggling getting it to work on the spot as the moment passes you by. Whether you opt for a compact digital, SLR or even the camera on your smart phone, make sure you know where the shutter and zoom buttons are and what functions the camera can perform, allowing you to get the best out of your photo-taking experience.


Beautiful shots, whatever the circumstance

Night time shots? no problem! A large majority of cameras have a built in flash that can lighten up your photos significantly. Some even have a night mode which allows you to take beautifully vivid images, specifically in the dark. If you’re still not convinced, doesn’t hurt to take some practice shots before you set off on your travels.

Be prepared

Don’t forget to charge your camera at the end of each day or let yourself go out without packing the spare batteries. There’s nothing worse than getting your camera out to capture a photo-worthy moment to realise it is out of juice. The same goes for photo capacity, always ensure you have enough space on your memory card to last you the entire holiday, otherwise you’ll be left deciding which photos don’t make the cut, and let’s face it, you took every photo for a reason.

Lights, camera, action

It’s truly beautiful seeing someone enjoying themselves, which is why photos captured in the moment often turn out the best. Not only do they relieve the pressure of finding the perfect pose or agonizing where to put your hands, they allow you to see yourself how others do. So whether you’re jet-skiing, shark diving or wandering around the Colosseum, make sure there’s someone close by to capture you in the zone.


Faces and places

I often see friends and family posting holiday photos on social media which consist of scenery, landmarks and endless plates of delicious looking food, but they are often lacking in photos of people. Whilst some purposely dodge the camera, others shy away from appearing in photos to avoid the hassle of asking passer-bys to take it for them. There are many ways to get around this, which include taking photos yourself using the front facing camera, which is designed to allow users to take self portraits. You can also heighten your self portrait experience by purchasing a ‘selfie stick’ which enables your camera to stretch much higher than a human hand is physically capable of, allowing you to capture the background perfectly – ideal of scenic holiday snaps.

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Picture: © My Camera (bigtallguy/flickr, CC BY 2.0)

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