Saving money is the name of the game, and when it comes to travel there is a simple fact – the more you save, the further you can travel, and more often. This simple truth pushes me to try and find cheaper ways to head off to explore a different destination, and I’ve found a few ways that certainly tick that box.

Look at added extras

You might think that adding something onto your travel plans means adding costs, but that’s not always the case. I find that driving to the airport and booking my parking spot through ParkBCP saves me money when compared to the cost of public transport, so this is now something I do time and time again, in fact I’ve recently booked parking at East Midlands airport for my upcoming holiday. You only pay per car for this service and not per person, so if there are a few of your traveling, such as a family, then this saves compared to buses or trains.


Look at where you fly from and when

You need to be flexible in order to save money, it’s that simple. Look at flying from a different airport to the one you normally do, look at flying mid-week rather than at the weekend, and look at heading away for 8 days instead of 7 etc. These are all ways to beat big costs.

Fly indirect

Flying indirect does add time onto your travel day, but if it’s not an excessive amount then why not do it? If you can find a flight that has an hour or two connection time then you can easily have a wander around the airport, stretch your legs and grab a coffee, before heading to your destination on your connection flight. This is a great way to save, provided the wait isn’t too long.

Do you need luggage?

You might be thinking that’s a ridiculous question, but there is some sense in it. Certain airlines give you a generous amount of hand luggage, and if you can find a cheap flight that does that, such as Easy Jet, Jet 2, or certain Monarch flights, and you’re not going away for too long, then you could easily be quite strict with your packing needs, wear your heaviest clothes, such as boots and coat, and buy your toiletries at the airport. It can be done!

Flexibility is key when finding the cheapest deals going, and in turn this saves you money. Don’t be rigid in your needs, stay a little bendy, and you will find those money saving travel adventures come to you much easier.


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