There’s no doubt that travel is changing, could you even imagine WIFI on planes a few decades ago? Probably not because WIFI wasn’t even around then! That’s how quickly our world is changing. As technology improves, the ways we travel improve too. It’s an exciting time to be travel obsessed, and I can only dream of what changes will come in the future. IntoTheBlue, a travel experience website, has created some guesses of where adventure travel might head in the future. I found it really interesting to read so decided to make my own version. Here’s my ‘future of adventure travel’ wish list:

ISS hotel

Planet Spa Vacation:

One day I’m sure they’ll find a planet that’s spa-temperature and has pockets of water. Could you imagine going there for a girl’s week out? Spa-ing and sauna-ing to your heart’s content, all while staring back at Earth, which appears to be a tiny dot in the dark. While a day at the spa might not be considered adventurous, if it was on a not-yet discovered planet I think it would be pretty interesting.

Trampolining on the Moon:

I’m not sure how this would work as there’s no gravity. I guess you’d have to attach the trampoline into the surface of the moon, and then somehow harness yourself in. Then… bounce, jumping on the trampoline would hopefully propel you ‘towards’ space and the rope could pull you back in. Maybe if it was a stretchy, bungy-like rope you’d even get the experience of ‘jumping’ in space. How cool!

europa scuba diving

Tour the Luna Landing Site:

This would be so fun; to go and visit a piece of human history, but on a different planet. Because it’s literally on another planet, tour size numbers could be controlled so that it doesn’t turn into another crowded tourist spot. Imagine being one of the first tourists to go here? And the Instagram photos? Priceless!

The future of travel is very exciting, especially in terms of adventure travel. I really can’t see what comes in my lifetime. If you want some more inspiration for what might be coming our way in terms of futuristic travel, check out this interesting post about ‘adventure days in the future‘ over Europe

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