There is something quintessential to the American spirit for driving on the open road onto unpaved trails of exploration. These off road destinations in America offer unexpected thrills and a good time for cruising. The country is quite large and there is a lot to explore if you’ve got the right set of wheels. For those with four wheel drive and a knack for adventure, look out for some of these amazing off road destinations coming your way.


Prepare to Drive

There are a lot of good trucks and different vehicles out there that are perfect for off roading. If you’re in the market for a new automobile or have always thought about looking for one, there are some great deals out there. The Jeep Grand Cherokee is one of those vehicles that is going to take your off-road driving to another level. Be prepared to come packed with extra tires, supplies, and a pocket full of thrills.

All throughout America there are various areas you can drive to, or that may even be close to your backyard. No worries about driving to them, as you’ll be doing a lot of that over the course of a few days.

Prime Western Locations

Between Arizona and California there is a place called Mojave Road. It runs from Bullhead City in Arizona to Newberry Springs, California. The trail is 140 miles long and is full of plenty of iconic landmarks. It gets its original namesake from Native Americans who made the trail and was then used by scores of Spanish explorers. Europeans and even the U.S Army used it to trek their way across the land.

Along the way you’ll run across the Colorado River and Joshua Tree Forest to name a few. Looking out over these sights is something you don’t want to miss. It’ll be a reassuring fact that your vehicle is loaded up and ready to roll off road. Make sure to pack a lot of water along the way.


Colorado Cruising

For another great trail we find ourselves in Colorado on the Alpine Loop Trail. Five hours southwest of Denver you’ll find the trail. It’s a harder one to find but shouldn’t be too bad. It is a 63-mile trail that goes across the San Juan Mountains. There are amazing views and seven different ghost towns to check out.

Your best option for cruising the trail is with four-wheel drive on. The higher your vehicle, the better views you’ll be able to capture. Make sure to bring more than just a mental snapshot so you can enjoy photographs for a lifetime.

Portions of the trail are closed during the winter months so make sure to respect that or you could find some trouble along the way. There are a lot of amazing views that just these two paths and trails offer. While you’re out there make sure you’re prepared and ready to have a good drive through off-road where you and only a few others dare to go.

Lucas Green writes about travel, something he lives, dreams, breaths! He has travelled extensively in North and South America as well as parts of Asia.

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