Discovering Australia can be an amazing experience and if you are thinking of going on a working holiday there, then you should know that there is little chance you will regret it. Even the experience of moving to another country for a few months can be an excellent one – not to mention the fact that Australia really does have a lot to offer to its tourists, from beaches to cosmopolitan cities and untamed breath-taking nature as well. Can you imagine cruising around this raw, striking and exotic country in a Land Rover, discovering all Australia has to offer during your weekends?

If you do decide to go on a work and travel holiday in Australia, make sure that you follow the following tips. They can really make everything better when you’re down there!


Make Sure Your Paperwork Is in Order

Before you leave, make sure that you have all your documents with you. Your ID, your passport, your visa, your health care card – make a list of them (and anything else you may need) and double check before you leave for the airport. These tiny sheets of paper and plastic can go a long way when it comes to keeping you safe and even saving your life under certain circumstances so it is crucial that you have them all with you!

Even more, remember to check what your health care covers and what it doesn’t and to add anything that may be missing. For instance, there are insurance policies that do not necessarily cover ambulance transportation and you may actually need that in the event of something bad happening.

Furthermore, travel insurance can also save you from a lot of trouble and it can also save you a lot of money. It may indeed feel that you are spending extra money on it, but the truth is that it can return you the money on lost flights, lost bookings, on having to come back home due to weather or political circumstances and so on.


Buy a Car

Of course, the money you earn as a travel worker in Australia will definitely not be enough for you to live there, have some fun AND buy a NEW car. However, a second hand car can be more than just affordable and you may want to start saving some money for it long before you actually leave home. Australia is a great road trip-friendly country (kind of the same way America is) and a car can really add up to the experience. When you finally get weekends off, you will not want to have to depend on a train or bus schedule and a car is really a good investment if you want to have the time of your life in Australia.


Enjoy Yourself!

Australia is a place where you will meet a lot of people, especially if you will be staying at a hostel. It doesn’t really matter if you are traveling alone because there will really be a lot of people just like you so it is likely to make some friends. Tip: if you want to have some drinks in the hostel kitchen, don’t go for vodka or beer, but for the “goon”- that’s the cheapest thing you can get in Australia.

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