Moving overseas has become more and more feasible – and even more than that, it has become quite attractive for a wide range of people. With the Internet at your fingertips to help you run the most thorough research (as well as stay in touch with loved ones back home), moving overseas is a great option if you want to explore a different country, if you want to live somewhere where prices are smaller or simply if you want to enroll in the adventure of a lifetime.

How do you do it, though? How do you move overseas? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.


Do your research

As mentioned in the introduction, you can (and absolutely SHOULD) run a thorough research before packing your bags and moving to that superbly exotic country you’ve laid your eyes on. Some of the things to consider include:

  • Cost of living there (how much does basic produce cost, how much does entertainment cost, etc.)
  • Cost of accommodation (what is the average rental price, how much do you need to pay beyond that)
  • Visas and other paperwork needed
  • Immunization (you may want to take immunize yourself to certain local diseases)
  • Culture (you really don’t want to be caught in a cultural faux-pas)
  • Internet speed (especially if you plan on working online)
  • Set a budget

Moving overseas may be financially savvy in the long run – especially if you plan on moving to a country where the general cost of living is smaller than back home. However, the moving part itself will most likely need thorough financial planning. As you will soon find out, making this step will need money for more than just the plane ticket itself. Prepare to save money for the following (and not only):

  • The first few months of rent and bills
  • The first few months of living costs (food, entertainment, basic needs, etc.)
  • The plane ticket (yes, of course it’s included as well!)
  • Emergency money
  • Emergency plane ticket (just in case you decide to return home on a whim)
  • Covering your business’ costs from afar (this may need paying for an accountant or legal representative back home if your paperwork is complex and if it needs you to be physically present in certain situations)
  • Medical money (other than what’s covered by your insurance, you may need money for medicine and other medical products)
  • How to save as much as possible

First off, start saving money for everything you need, by all means possible. This includes small changes such as turning the tap water off, as well as larger changes such as stopping any subscriptions or not purchasing products unless you really need them.

Also, remember that there are many ways to save money on the moving costs themselves too. For example:

  • You can save lots of money on shipping your objects by using Shiply (it’s cheaper and easier to do it like this)
  • You can save a lot of money on your plane ticket by using a travel rewards-based credit card
  • You can save money on your luggage by packing smartly or by simply shipping everything ahead of you
  • You can save money on accommodation by looking for rentals beyond the touristic areas

Of course, this is just a small part of the things you need to consider when moving abroad, as there are many other details you will have to really think about before taking the final call. Pay attention to these details, stay safe and stay financially savvy throughout the entire process and you stand a very good chance to experience amazing things!

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