By the time April rolls around I am going to be well and truly ready for a holiday. As an athlete I spend between 20-30 hours a week training. That’s 20-30 hours every week, aside from a few weeks off at the end of the season to relax, before kicking back into gear again preparing for the next season. My week usually consists of 2 or 3 sessions in the gym lifting heavy weights. 2-4 sessions on the track sprinting, working on starts, towing sleds and running longer reps to increase speed endurance. Depending on what time of year it is ,I run hill sprints and sand dunes, not to mention circuit training, core work, massage and mobility. All for a race that lasts around 10 seconds. It’s brutal and my body is constantly in pain, whether its shin splints, muscle strains or just general fatigue.

So this year Izy and I have decided to head to Bali for a few weeks after my last competition of the year and kick back. I can’t wait to spend some time surfing and soaking up the sun.

Here are the top 5 things to do as a couple in Bali:

©Massage Ubud

©Massage Ubud

Get a Couples Massage

What could be better than enjoying a relaxing massage together in a tropical paradise. You will pay next to nothing and leave rejuvenated and ready for your next adventure.

Take Surfing Lessons

Even if you know how to surf, your girl/boy might be more inclined to get in and give it a go if you are both in a safe learning environment under the guide of an instructor. With plenty of boards for hire and surf schools dotted around you will be sure to find something.

Escape the Noise

Find sanctuary from the loud city life and take a romantic stroll through the rice paddy’s of Ubud. You can enjoy some local coffee, pick herbs or just enjoy the scenery.

Giddy Up

What better way to enjoy the sunset than a romantic stroll along the beach riding horse back. Yeh Gangga beach offers scheduled rides all year round.

Get High

Enjoy a 60-minute scenic helicopter ride and treat yourself to a spectacular birds eye view of Ubuds rivers and Kutas dazzling coastline.

There are plenty of Romantic ways to spend your time in Bali, and aside from these options we plan on lounging on the beach and enjoying a cocktail or three.

I can’t wait to forget about training for while and enjoy some time out in this tropical paradise!

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