It’s no surprise that I love travelling and over the years I’ve come up with a few travel essentials that I always take with me. Whether you’re traveling long term or just going away on a more traditional vacation, the things you take a long with you can make a big difference as to how comfortable your trip is. Here are my top 4 women’s travel essentials:

1. Knix
There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to deal with your period on the road in a third world country where you can’t find the same products you’re used to back home. That’s why I love Knix because you don’t need to worry about tampons and pads, which can be quite hard to find in certain areas. Just buy enough pairs to last your entire cycle and you’re good to go. They’re also so useful because you can wear them all the time – or just a few days before your due to start – to ensure you don’t have any awkward accidents.

2. Dry Shampoo
It can be hard to keep on top of washing, drying and styling your hair when traveling. That’s why I love taking a dry shampoo along with me as it’s a quick way to freshen up your hair and stretch the time between showers. If you’re staying in hostels, it can be hard to find hair driers or the privacy to really style your hair how you like. A quick spray of dry shampoo and you can add a few extra days of longevity to your hair. I tend to prefer the smaller travel sized dry shampoos as the big ones can be quite bulky.

3. Wet Wipes
I love wet wipes and feel they’re one of those true travel hacks that really make traveling easier. If I’m in a pinch, which frequently happens when traveling, I use them to remove my make up. If I spill something on me, I’ll use them to clean myself up. They’re also handy if you’re in a bathroom that’s run out of toilet paper and so on. There’s a lot to be said about how helpful they an be if you don’t have access to a shower or are traveling a long distance!

4. Kindle
Ok, so this isn’t gender specific really, but it’s one of those things I simply can’t travel without. A Kindle helps the time pass so much faster when you’re on a long plane ride or bus ride. I find the screen is perfect for helping me drift to sleep, whereas my phone and other screens are so bright they wake me up. It also allows me to save my phone’s batter for those times where I really need it, whereas my Kindle’s battery seems to last for weeks on end. If you join up to Amazon Prime you also get access to millions of books for free on their Kindle Unlimited plan, making it more affordable than ever to read to your heart’s content.

What are your travel essentials? Let me know in the comments below!

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