Tunisia is located on the Mediterranean coast of Northern Africa, between Algeria and Libya, it enjoys a subtropical warm climate throughout the year and especially pleasant weather close by the sea. This used to be a French colony, which explains why people started visiting it in the first place, and this is how the magnificent, world-famous thalassotherapy centres appeared here. Combined with great weather, an exotic ambiance of Africa, interesting culture and Arabic cuisine, Tunisia has something interesting to offer to the world travellers. If you decide to come here, instead of staying in one particular resort area, it is best to travel around and explore some more remote, as well as popular areas. We suggest travelling along the North East coastline starting with popular Sousse, through Enfidha and up to the famous city of Nabeul in Hammamet.


Sousse is the most popular resort area, especially for younger generations, where there is a variety of accommodation to choose from, a lot of discos and bars, entertainment, sports activities and a golf field and a vast number of monuments and landmarks around the area. Visitors can enjoy water sports, dancing till the sunrise, amazing views from Ribat Tower as well as visiting the Museum of Archaeology and the Botanical Garden Park el Kantaoui. This city boasts some great shopping, especially for local hand-made souvenirs and great hotels with thalassotherapy.

From Sousse, you can continue your travels north, through the wonderful exotic city of Enfidha, located along the way, not far from the Enfidha Hammamet International Airport, which you can get to easily if you Flythomascook.Though not too busy, this city attracts visitors mostly because of its proximity to this airport. Here you really feel the unique culture of Tunisia, with the Arabic atmosphere, colourful bazaars, bright colours and a rustic way of life. You can see how ordinary people live and explore their every day life.


Next stop is the Nabeul city in Hammamet, world known for its fantastic thalassotherapy! It attracts thousands of visitors just for that, as it cannot be compared to anything else. The healing powers of this spa treatment that is based on sea water, have been long praised and here you have a choice of accommodation with the most interesting programs where one can relax, heal, and rejuvenate. The area is surrounded by eucalyptus groves, majestic olive trees, date palms, orange groves and unsurpassed beauty of nature.

From a party resort, to a small town where you can explore the real Tunisian culture to getting pampered at some of the best thalassotherapy centres in the world – Tunisia is a multi-faceted destination, that has something to please every kind of a traveller.

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