There is something close to magical about Europe and although people out there would very much want to travel and discover the wonderful and old jewels of Europe, many times they do not know how to do it the best way. Europe can be great whatever the means of transportation you use (be it a bike, a car or a plane), but the truth is that nothing is actually closer to its history, nature and beauty than seeing it from a wonderful river cruise. Which are those river cruise you should definitely look into, though? Head over to Cruiseabout to start planning your cruise today!


The French River Cruises

Oh, the French. Little nations out there can claim themselves to be as spectacular, versatile, artistic, beautiful, culturally and historically rich as the French do. With a country that seems to take a lot of space in Europe and with a history that lies at the very foundation of Europe and the EU itself, the French are definitely proud of their country.

There are many river cruises in France you can embark on if you want to, but a Seine one will certainly satisfy your appetite for classy, for beauty and for the ultimate French elegance. You can simply admire the sights, you can absorb the wonderful culture and history and you can taste the amazing French wines from the comfort of a river cruise that will be simply unforgettable and that is certainly something worth paying every cent for.

The German River Cruises

Neighbors and foes, Germany and France never actually got together very well. Still, they are among the most powerful countries on the European continent and Germany itself is at the foundation of the EU as well. A river cruise on the Rhine River can take your steps back in time to Gothic cathedrals, mellow flow of time, beautiful and rustic sceneries and to people who love their tasty beer just as much as they did 100 years ago.


Even more, if you want to add some elegance into your trip, you can choose a Danube River cruise that will bear your steps from Germany to Austria where you will discover a people that speaks the same language as the Germans but which seems to be so much different than it from many points of view. And if you want to go even further, the Danube’s waltz can walk you into the very heart of Europe: Hungary and Romania, two countries that have a long history on their back and which have been at the core of the European history itself as well.

The Russian River Cruises

A River cruise on Volga will not offer you with fancy wine tasting or with the splendor of the tall Gothic cathedral, but with something even more unique and “tasty”: the Russian culture and civilization. The great Russian wilderness, the food, the vodka made the way only Russians can make it, the Russian tea, Saint Petersburg, The Red Square, Matrioshka, the world-renowned Russian Ballet – all these things and more expect you at the Eastern border of the European continent.

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