Travel insurance… it’s one of things that you don’t care about until you really need it and then you’re glad you got it or in a right pickle if you didn’t. As someone who has travelled extensively, buying travel insurance is almost as second nature to me as tying my shoe laces. I know it’s important, I have seen the value of having travel insurance and I have also seen the consequences of people who haven’t got travel insurance and failed to afford necessary medical coverage – not a position I want to be in.

While most travel insurance policies are pretty straightforward, there are probably some things you didn’t know about holiday claims, including:


1) There Are Special Policies for Pre Existing Conditions

Most travel insurance policies will not cover you for any pre existing conditions, which can make it very challenging to travel if you have a persisting health issue. Why should you miss out on all the fun the world has to offer, because of something you can’t control? That doesn’t seem right – and thankfully it’s not. You might ask what is pre existing medical travel insurance and the best way to explain it briefly is that it is a policy that covers someone who already has some pre existing conditions. This is a great way to have the security of being about to travel with full travel insurance that will cover you.

2) Some Things Aren’t Covered

I have seen some friends ride scooters and motorbikes in Asia (without a license) and found themselves in a pretty tight situation. Because they were unlicensed, their travel insurance company didn’t have to cover their medical expenses. You’ll also find this is true with a lot of things, especially sporting activities, so please make the time to check your policy wording carefully. You can usually pay an excess to have more full coverage for certain sports, activities and volunteering etc so check it out before you commit to a plan.


3) You Might Be Eligible For Trip Continuation Allowances

When I was in India, I had to fly home for a death in my family. It was a pretty hard time for me. Thankfully my insurance company did pay for me to fly home, which was a lifesaver, but I didn’t realise I could have applied for a trip continuation allowance. Many insurance policies have this inclusion, which means that if your trip is cancelled or halted for reasons outside of your control, you can claim an allowance to resume it. Definitely check the wording of your policy carefully incase anything goes wrong so you can make the most of your entitlement.

Travel insurance is something you actually can’t afford to skimp on – so don’t!

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