Well, as the name says, we’re two thirsty travellers and we’re heading to London later in the year. Izy’s visited London twice before and I have not been yet, so we’re making plans for how we’ll fill our time in this diverse city. We both enjoy a glass of cider, especially during the warmer months, and cider seems to be a great way to toast to the British summer. In preparation for our trip, we decided to research the most popular cider bars in London and this is what we came up with:


Green Man

Not only does this place have a fantastic and memorable name, the list of ciders stocked here seems awfully tempting for someone with a sweet tooth. Fancy a Strawberry and Pear Cider? Sounds fairly delicious to me. Apparently the selection of cider changes every few weeks, so we can predict for sure what will be there when we visit, but as the Green Man specialises in cider I’m sure there will be a fantastic range. The Green Man attracts a diverse bunch, from university students to office workers needing a bit of refreshment after a long days work. As a bonus, the Green Man is not far from a hotel we’ve been recommended to stay in, the Holiday Inn London-Bloomsbury, which is perfect if we want to have a short walk home after a night enjoying some fine ciders.

Jolly Butchers:

Here’s another fantastic name for a cider bar, the Jolly Butches! Located near the Stoke Newington rail, Jolly Butches is home to a number of fine ciders as well as a good assortment of local ales, which I’m sure Ben will enjoy sampling. The selection is changed here, too, every few weeks to keep things fresh and to ensure there’s always a good excuse to pop down and try something new. There’s quite a considerable range of ales and ciders available on tap, which is the best way for them to be enjoyed!


The Miller:

This bar is hip, trendy and everything else. Walk inside and you’ll be surrounded by a number of cider enthusiasts, with the owners sourcing the ciders directly from the producers which keeps prices competitive. You’ll find cider here from throughout England as well as a delicious an oak-conditioned cider from Wales. Be warned, you’ll probably find it quite hard to pull yourself away from all the delicious cider.

While we plan to visit other memorable places in London, such as the fantastic museums, the London Eye and a few of the high quality markets, we’ll be certainly setting aside a few evenings to sample the ciders here. Have you spent much time in cider bars in London? Any good suggestions? We’d love to hear them.

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