Ask anyone who has ever been on a cruise holiday how it was, and they’ll always answer with one of three words: amazing, fantastic or superb. If they don’t then they may just have a limited vocabulary, as most people who go on cruise holidays can’t stop singing their praises. For those who are thinking about taking the plunge and going on a cruise vacation, there are a number of questions you need to answer first.


Is a Cruise Right for Me?

Despite their popularity, cruises aren’t for everyone. Obviously if you get seasick then it may be worth considering an alternative break. Spending a lot of time on board the ship can be a worry for some, but most have numerous entertainment options to stave off boredom, though if you suffer from some sort of claustrophobia it may not be the best idea.

Where Shall We Go?

There are many cruise options across the world to suit all tastes. From hot summer Mediterranean cruises that take in many luxury locations including the south of France and Spain, to icy jaunts around Scandinavia and the Arctic, the choice is plentiful. Educational, cultural and just plain relaxing cruises in various parts of the world can all be found.

When Should We Go?

A lot of this will depend on where you’re going. It could be a mini cruise to Amsterdam over three nights, or two weeks in the Caribbean. Clearly if you want hot weather it’s best to check the seasons where your cruise is going. For example, Caribbean cruises are best between November and May, as the rest of the year is hurricane season but it does mean prices are somewhat higher.


Which Ship is Best?

The time, destinations and company will all influence which ship you will end up on. However, if you’re flexible regarding the date and destination it can be worth researching which ship is best. Facilities on board will differ, so if you’d prefer one with a climbing wall or basketball court, such as the Anthem of the Seas from Iglu Cruise, browse the options available.

What Else Do We Need to Know?

Some dining options will be busier than others, so be sure to book in advance. Pack at least one formal outfit, as most cruises have one formal night. While you can buy most necessities on board, it is a lot more cost-effective to plan properly in advance. Finally, just relax and you’ll enjoy the comforts of a cruise holiday a lot better. 

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