It’s good for health, helps lower the risk of coronary heart disease, releases happy hormones… The list of benefits of regular sex is long. 

In fact, it is known that some practices can contribute to a significant increase in longevity, such as regular physical activity, eating and sleeping well, not smoking, and living a less stressful life. These are examples of the ways in which many ensure a higher quality of life. 

And that’s where sex comes in. Having an active and satisfying sex life has been shown to make people happier. And not just the act of sex itself, but any kind of sexual experience and all the affectionate moments that occur before and after sex, such as kissing, cuddling, oral sex and even the act of sleeping together are associated with improved well-being.

On the other hand, the absence of sex makes people more sensitive, often more stressed and can lead to an amplified sense of loneliness. In addition, it can sometimes lead to behavioural changes which, in turn, often affect the professional sphere as well. 

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And how is the sex drive in the world? Many have asked themselves this question, and that is precisely why this article focuses on exploring 5 countries where sex is practiced assiduously.

Greece – Europe

Perhaps the reason Greeks enjoy their sexuality so much is that they are open about it. They have long been frank on the subject of sex. Combined with the good climate, beaches and paradise islands, it is no wonder that Greeks are among the most sexually active people in the world according to studies.

Brazil – South America

The country of samba and football, but also of beautiful beaches and a sexually active population. Known for their liberality and enjoyment of bodily nudity, Brazilians are famed around the world as a sexually active community. Whether it’s due to the tropical climate or the exuberance of its people, Brazil is a country that comes directly to mind when the theme is sex.

India – Asia

It is even curious that the country is among the most sexually satisfied. In India, contrasts reign, being a society that, on the one hand, is considered very repressed and full of taboos and, on the other hand, the cradle of sexuality with thousands of experienced Desi escorts, such as the ones in Skokka, and masterpieces such as the Kamasutra. However, it is possible that the Indians invest so much time in the conquest that, once it is over, they allow themselves to enjoy prolonged pleasure more intensely.

Mexico – North America

Mexicans are known for the remarkable spices of their cuisine, the friendliness of their people and … for being one of the hottest countries in the world. The fact that prostitution is legalised in some states of the country plays an important role, making it easier for the population to enjoy the services offered by the sexiest Mexican escorts.

In addition, Mexicans have a broader sex education in schools, talking more freely about topics such as pregnancy and homosexuality than in neighbouring countries. More than 60% of Mexicans report having a satisfactory sex life.

New Zealand – Oceania

Open discussion of issues such as diversity, gender identity and sexuality may be the reason why New Zealand is one of the few countries on the continent with a generally active sex life. This is in addition to the fact that there are fewer pressures and taboos of judgement (moral and sexual) in this country, as well as a ban on discrimination towards Kiwi escorts and sex workers or sexual orientation. Score points for the Kiwis!

Fortunately, the subject of sex is increasingly discussed, and society is moving towards a more liberated, more open mentality, less preoccupied with all the prejudices and preconceptions. The way to a fulfilling sex life is based on talking a lot between partners, self-knowledge and exploration of the senses. 

Knowing what one likes and dislikes. Which erogenous zones of the body can be explored the most. The type of foreplay that will ignite the flame of the moment, among other things. That’s why communication is extremely important, so that both agree and enjoy each other equally. In the end, pleasure is always greater when it is shared.

The practice of sex is good for the body and mind, and should therefore be widespread throughout the world, as long as it is done consciously and safely (never forgetting the use of condoms to avoid unwanted diseases). Whether alone, as a couple, or with the most beautiful escorts, having sex provides pleasure and happiness, so…. go for it!

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