It is the job of a police department to make the people of its precinct feel safe in the area they know and love. Police are allowed to carry different weapons that not only protect others but to protect themselves as well. While it is the job of the police to protect the people around them, learning how to defend yourself is a great idea so that you can protect yourself and others when in a dangerous situation. If you are interested in using the same weapons the police use to protect and defend, you can find them at the Home Security Superstore.



Police batons are used to create space, force compliance, and self-defend in situations that are unsafe. They can be purchased by any civilian and are expandable. Meaning that you can create your own length to determine how far of a distance you should keep from someone. Police batons are made to be strong, portable, and lightweight making them perfect for your personal security needs. Collapsible batons also make a great self-defense weapon because while they may be the same length as most police batons, they can be shrunk down to a smaller size. This makes them more portable and more convenient for civilian use. You’ll see some of the best collapsible batons can be found at the Home Security Superstore.

Handcuffs are an item that police use to detain someone who is out of control. If you are in a position of needing to control someone to avoid injury to yourself or to them, handcuffs such as the top picked by could be useful for this.

The police use cameras every day to catch criminals who could potentially harm someone. They use cameras that are in their cars and pull camera evidence from where a crime may have happened to catch the person responsible for doing something illegal. Hidden cameras for home are perfect for any person who is worried about someone breaking in, vandalizing, or stealing something. They can protect you while you are home by alerting you and while you are away by giving you the evidence to convict someone who caused damage to your home.

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