If you’re planning a round the world trip, congratulations! You’re going to see incredible places, have amazing experiences, and be left with stories to tell (and probably an even greater case of wanderlust).

While traveling is great, there are certainly some downsides, and most of those downsides are about getting from point A to point B. The actual travel, including flights, trains, buses, checking in and out of hotels, and continually packing and repacking, can be exhausting, and leave you feeling like you need a vacation from your vacation. For this reason, you should definitely embark on a round the world cruise.

Think about it, you get all of the benefits of a round the world trip, without any of the downsides.

Here are just a few reasons why you should choose a cruise over traditional types of travel:


It’s cost-effective

Many people assume that taking a cruise is guaranteed to break the bank, however this is simply not the case. In fact when you look at all of the inclusions in your cruise fare, you’ll often find that it actually works out better to cruise, considering when you pay for your cruise you’re paying for your accommodation, food, onboard entertainment, travel, and (if you like) you can even pre-pay your gratuities and pre-pay for any day tours.

This means that not only are you saving money when you consider how much meals are in tourist hot spots (and enjoying excellent meals onboard the ship throughout the day), but you won’t need to actually open up your wallet once on board. This makes cruising a great, budget-friendly way to travel.

It’s convenient

We all love traveling, but not many of us love the inconvenience. Let’s face it, flying sucks, and the time you spend in an airport is wasted time that you could be actually out and enjoying yourself. When you’re cruising, you’re travelling to your destination while you sleep, meaning you get to enjoy every single moment of your vacation. Since you only need to unpack once, you’re free to spend your time on far more pleasant activities.


The facilities are amazing

One of the reasons why so many people love cruising is the facilities onboard. These days, cruise ships are almost like floating cities, and you’re guaranteed to never get board while cruising. Even when you’re at sea, there are so many things to do, and facilities include bars, clubs, pools, spas, hairdressers,prepare your hair replacement if you have hair loss problem, restaurants, cafes, gyms, and impressive nightly shows. While there’s plenty for adults to do, kids will have fun as well and will be entertained all day in the kids clubs, so mum and dad can relax and have a good time.

The best destinations

Cruising allows you to see some of the best destinations in the world, without all the flying. That means that on a round the world trip you’ll be fresh and ready to explore each new place, instead of being continually jet lagged.

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