Montana is one of the most amazing places for tourism in the USA. It has a whole bunch of nicknames describing just how vast and beautiful the landscape is, and a visit to ‘Big Sky Country’ or ‘The Last Best Place’ will certainly be a valuable use of your time! If you’ve got a week’s worth of vacation coming up and you don’t mind a road trip, Montana is a state that’s definitely worth considering. Here are just a few of the thousand reasons why. 

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Montana is Home to Yellowstone

The incredibly famous Yellowstone National Park makes most of its home within Montana. Rent a car from Hatch Adventures, take a trip down to Yellowstone (or any of the other national parks), and spend a few days hiking and camping across the plateaus, mountains, and woods. With over 2 million acres of land to explore, teeming with wildlife and amazing vistas, you might just feel you’ve stepped out into paradise! 

You’ll Witness a Lot of Wildlife

Both big and small animals, as well as predator and prey varieties, can be found in abundance throughout Montana. It’s a wild state, and if you want to pack your binoculars and get as close as you can to some relatively rare creatures, this state is your best bet. Elk, bears, wolves, sheep, moose, goats, lions, and wolverines can all be witnessed during a trip to Montana. Just make sure you’re safe at all times; maintaining a good distance and doing little to attract attention to yourself are best practices. 

There’s a Great Small Town Scene

There’s a charming homely sense about small town life, no matter where you go. In Montana, you can find this atmosphere pretty much everywhere you go. You’re going to come across tons of lovely small towns where life feels cozy and slow, such as Hamilton and Livingston, all with their own local shopping strips as well. 

You can pick up a variety of handmade and locally sourced souvenirs, as well as fresh foods to take back to your hotel or on the road with you. And if you want to chat to a local, Montana is known for being pretty friendly, so strike up a conversation! 

You Can Partake in the Ranch Life

Ever fancied yourself as a cowboy? Motana still has a huge ranching scene, and the state itself is known for its agricultural drive. When you visit, if you’ve got a love for horses and the ranch life at large, you can partake in events like races and training days. You may have to book before you go, so be sure to check, but head down to the small farms on the outskirts of various towns and see what’s going on. 

If you want to spend a week going around the United States, put Montana at the top of the list. 7 days within ‘The Treasure State’ could very well change your life, so take your time and enjoy yourself out there. 

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