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What can be more seductive than sailing the numerous Greece islands, wind in your hair and a fruity cocktail in your hand? The best way to get around the Greek Islands is to sail. You get to see the top destinations of the area and choose your itinerary too. Flotilla holidays are a great way of getting around the islands without having any sailing experience at all and with the aid of a guide you’ll see he best the Greek Islands have to offer.

To give you an idea of what a Greek Island holiday has to offer, take a look at these five things you must not miss on your sailing holiday in Greece.

Watch the Sunset in Santorini

A well-known place in Greece for its fabulous sunsets. Santorini is a beautiful island with villages set building up to the rim of the volcano which dominates the island. Although it is a busy tourist destination it is still worth visiting for the fantastic views of across the Caldera (volcanic crater) at sundown. It’s one of those things to tick off the bucket list. But where is the best place to perch yourself as the sun sets? There are a few to choose from, here are the best:

  • Oia – This village has one of the best views on the island of the caldera at sunset. This fact is well known though, and people start queueing up at the best spots long before it happens. Keen photographers have their tripods at the ready but the best shots are worth waiting for.

  • Skaros Rock – These Venetian ruins in the village of Imerovigli make a spectacular spot for viewing that beautiful sunset. Get those photos that are a little different from the norm.

  • Fira – Often overlooked due to its close proximity to Oia. Here you can see a beautiful but less busy sunset. The best place for viewing is the large Orthodox Church that overlooks the caldera.

Santorini is worth a stop for its breath-taking scenery however long you decide to anchor here. But if you get the chance to spend the night, staying for the sunset is definitely worth it!

Explore Shipwreck Bay in Zákynthos

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This beautiful beach is also called Smugglers Cove or Navagio Beach and is probably one of the most famous beaches in Greece. And it can only be accessed by boat, which is a bonus when you are on a sailing holiday!

The boat was shipwrecked in 1980 after hitting rocks in bad weather while being chased by the Greek Navy as it was suspected to be carrying illegal cigarettes. Now tourists flock here for a sun-drenched photo opportunity. If you are planning on spending some time sunbathing here, then make sure you bring all the supplies you need as there are no facilities within the cove. Visiting early in the morning or late in the afternoon will help you to avoid the crowds as during the middle of the day is when most tours arrive.

Sail into the horseshoe harbour of Ýdhra – or Hydra

The natural horseshoe harbour and light blue, crystal clear waters have charmed more than the odd tourist in Hydra. The area has been claimed by many cinema directors, photographers, artists and movie stars due to the beauty of the place. The harbour is an excellent place to enjoy a drink and catch the breeze which is very welcoming in the heat of the day.

As the name suggests everything to do here involves water, maybe try some water sports, chill out at the beach or just try some relaxing swimming in the high salt content waters. Relaxing here is easy, especially when you are floated by the salt of the sea when swimming, you’ll spend a lot longer in the sea here than you anticipated.  Most of all enjoy the laidback atmosphere and fresh tasty unpretentious dining you will find here.

Enjoy the Mykonos Nightlife

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If you are into partying all night, or you just want to try the nightlife everyone is talking about, a stop in Mykonos is what you need. Paradise beach tends to be the hotspot for party goers and it is close to many hotels bars and restaurants that are open all night.  Other beaches with a party scene are Psarrou and Paranga beach, which get rowdier as the night goes on.

If you want a taste of the nightlife here the top clubs in Mykonos include:

  • Skandinavian Disco -A popular meeting point in Mykonos town where you can enjoy great cocktails and listen to famous DJ sets.

  • Babylon – A fabulous gay club on the water’s edge with regular drag shows and fun music to keep you entertained.

  • Paradise – Find this club on Paradise Beach it’s one of the most popular bars all over the island. During the summer months join thousands of tourists at this huge open-air club to drink and dance.

Find the Best Beaches in Naxos and Paros

Both of these islands have many beaches and small coves to explore, so whatever kind of beach you are looking for you’ll find it on Naxos or Paros.

Paros beaches tend to be more organised and also busier Punda Beach, Santa Maria and Golden Beach are the most visited and busiest of them all. Smaller beaches in Paros include Farangas or Lolandonis and the nudist beach of Laggeri.

While Paros advertises all of its beaches Naxos tends to be quieter about them, so although there are busy beaches you can also find quieter coves and bays that you’ll feel like you’ve discovered. The top beaches in Naxos are St George Beach, Agios Prokopios, Agia Anna, and the nudist beach of Plaka. Quieter places include Kastraki, Pyrgaki, Mikri Vigl, Aliki. The best thing to do is choose the type of beach you want to visit and ask locals for advice too, they are usually more than happy to oblige. No doubt you’ll find the perfect beach that you just will not want to leave.

Other things to remember when sailing in Greece

Remember there isn’t much room on a yacht so pack light – don’t bring to much luggage. There’s nowhere to store it. Also, be aware that saltwater gets everywhere, if there are any things you need to protect such as your camera or phone, keep them in a waterproof bag. Lastly you need to protect yourself from the sun, although the breeze may cool you down being in the sun all day will take its toll. Drink plenty of water and reapply your sun cream often. You don’t want to ruin your amazing Greek Island holiday by suffering with intense sun burn.

What would you choose on a Greek Sailing Holiday?

There are five fantastic examples of things you should do when exploring the Greeks Islands. What would you choose to put on your itinerary? These are only a few of the wonderful things to do Greece has to offer its visitors, with its stunning natural beauty, great food and fabulous nightlife there is no doubt you’ll have a wonderful time sailing around Greece.

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