Even though you may be focused solely upon booking your tickets, your rental car, and your accommodation when figuring out where to go next on your upcoming holiday away from home, there are several other “extras” that you also need to consider and budget time and money for. So before you pack your luggage and head off, continue reading so that you can ensure you do not miss any important details.


Get Necessary Travel Vaccinations

Depending upon where you are travelling to, you may need to get some necessary travel vaccinations. These will protect you from diseases that are still prevalent in the areas that you are going to be staying in, touring, etc.

To get the vaccinations you need, you will have to speak to your doctor, as well as consider travel jab prices as part of your travel budget. So be sure to do your research into what vaccinations are necessary, and visit a reputable medical establishment like the London Travel Clinic so you can get everything you need in a timely fashion.

Purchase Travel Insurance

It’s also a great idea to purchase a good travel insurance plan once you’ve booked your trip. Even though many people consider this type of insurance an inconvenience that they’d rather avoid, it is definitely something that you should consider, as it can help you potentially save a lot of money if you were to lose your luggage, experience delays, have to cancel your trip before you even leave your house, or become ill during your trip.


Scan Important Travel Documents Ahead of Time

In addition to vaccinations and travel insurance, you also need to budget some extra time so that you can scan all of your most important travel documents. This includes your travel insurance documents, your visa, and your passport. In this way, if you lose one or all of these documents while you’re away from home, you will still have access to all of the vital information they contain.

Be sure to pack the copies of these documents in a safe place and keep them on your body, rather than in your luggage. In this way, if you lose your luggage at any point during your journey, you’ll still have your document copies on you.

Order Your European Health Insurance Card

The European Health Insurance Card, also known as EHIC, will allow you to get necessary medical treatments at reduced costs or absolutely free in all of the European Economic Area countries. You can basically get the same medical treatments that a local resident would receive, and this card can give you added assurance and protection when combined with travel insurance. Plus, it’s free and can be ordered easily online through the NHS.

Now that you know a few of the necessary travel extras that you should invest in, you can ensure that you book the best trip with the certainty that you’ll be protected in the event you fall ill, lose your belongings, or encounter other unfortunate circumstances.

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