Most people love travelling, but they dread the packing bit. I cannot tell you how often our readers ask us questions like what they should pack for a ski trip, or which suitcase is best for a certain type of holiday.

Many of our readers struggle to decide what they absolutely must take, and what they can afford to leave at home, which is why we have put together this short guide. If you want to travel light, the next time you go away, all you need to do is to read on, and use our tips.


Buy what you can at the resort

There is no point in taking things you do not really need with you. Things like flip-flops and wraps are cheap enough to buy when you arrive, and leave behind.

Miniaturise your toiletries

If you are going for a short trip buy some small travel bottles to decant things like shampoo and skin cream into. You will save a load of space by doing this.

Pack soft clothes

Soft, lightweight clothes are easier to squash down, and they take up less of your weight allowance.

Packing men’s joggers is always a good idea. It is easy to roll them up tight and wrap a couple of elastic bands around them to make them even more compact. A hotel room iron will sort out any creases. They are great for slipping on in the evenings, when it gets colder, and are very comfortable to travel in.


Opt for a lightweight coat

Regardless of where you are travelling to you should always pack some form of jacket. If it is not likely to be too cold where you are going, consider just taking a light coat, and a fold up waterproof. Usually this is more than enough to keep you warm and dry.

Dress in layers

You need to avoid packing bulky items like jumpers. They take up a lot of space, and you can stay just as warm by donning two t-shirts and a long sleeved shirt.

It is better to pack several pairs of lightweight socks than it is to take a few thick pairs. Your feet will be warmer in two or three pairs of light socks rather than one pair of woolly ones.

Fill every gap

When packing your case, bag or backpack use every inch of space. For example, roll up socks and underwear and slip them into your shoes to fill the gap. Just be careful to weigh your luggage before you set out on your journey.

Rolling up your clothes rather than folding them ensures that you use the space in your case efficiently. Packing in this way has the added benefit of stopping your clothes from creasing as much.

Use your pockets

Should you find yourself short on space, you can always put a few things in your pockets. Just remember to double check that they are items that you are allowed in the cabin of a plane.

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