For those of you who have been planning your Easter Holidays or Bank Holiday getaways, the recent market changes may have been a blessing or a curse to your vacation plans. Unless you happen to live in the world of Spread betting or Trading, the Dollar strengthening and the Pound plummeting will of course a have knock on effect on your holiday budgets. For Brits travelling to New York or Vegas in the upcoming months, they will have a sobering experience compared to 2 years ago with the Dollar currently 20% less cost-effective than in 2014, while Americans making the journey over to London will be delighted with the polar opposite as they enjoy a refreshingly cheaper vacation than they could have got before.

In terms of holidays already booked, unfortunately or fortunately your fate may well be sealed but for those who are yet to finalise their choices, there are a couple of friendlier alternatives if you want to take full advantage of the market fluctuations.


For Americans, England and most European destinations have never been so attractive. As the Dollar experiences new highs against most major global currencies, the cost of accommodation and travel money is now advantageous. While flights will remain largely unaffected, an average family holiday to England or Europe could work out several hundred bucks cheaper.

For Brits, the world really isn’t your oyster at the second and with the referendum on the EU exit not happening till June, there looks to be little reprieve for now. While the typical ‘holiday at home’ may appeal to some who want to explore Britain, there are a few tips and tricks that can help you beat the crunch time and still enjoy your favourite holiday destinations.


1)   All-inclusive Holidays are a great way of managing your personal finances and your budget is generally fixed before you leave. Costs of food and local transport are waived as most local amenities are on site and there will be few surprise costsCosts of food and local transport are waived as most local amenities are on site and there will be few surprise costs Costs of food and local transport are waived as most local amenities are on site and there will be few surprise costs

2)  Backpacking alone or with friends needn’t be a struggle either if you’re prepared to be flexible. While other currencies may be ‘winning’ against the GBP, you can find temporary bar work or quick jobs abroad that will pay you in local currency so you can make up the differences.


3)  Use coupon codes and referral sites like Quidco or TopCashback which can get you money back on your bookings. While your hotel bills and costs may be higher than normal – getting between 2-10% back on your costs can help make up the currency conversion losses.

4)  Keep an eye on last minute breaks and flight discounts. Most of the major airlines have announced deals at the second for Summer getaways and off-peak travel which may make your dream vacation a potential again.

Regardless of whatever you choose, remember to plan and budget accordingly as nobody wants to find themselves making sacrifices when they could have avoided it with some careful planning and discount vouchers.


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