As well as sun, relaxation, beautiful beaches and luxurious hotels, indulging in delicious food is a large part of what makes a great holiday. Bad food whilst away can ruin the trip and leave you feeling dissatisfied. It may even lead to you not wanting to visit that part of the world again based on your experiences. To ensure this doesn’t happen to you and that you enjoy some of the best foods from around the world, here is a guide to the top holiday destinations for the ultimate foodie!



Spain is famous for its tapas. Who can argue over getting to try a variety of dishes from parma ham to goat’s cheese, and chorizo to patatas bravas all in one meal! The great thing about tapas too is that for the most part it is a cheap but traditional national treasure, and the locals will definitely be able to guide you to some of the best dishes to try and restaurants to visit! We can’t forget however the Spanish national dish – paella. A rice based dish that goes great with chicken, chorizo, seafood, and well, almost anything really!


Asado, or barbeque as it’s commonly known as is the way to an Argentinian’s heart. Argentina is any meat-lover’s paradise and this traditional grilled meat is a must try! This is best accompanied with chimichurri, Argentina’s go-to condiment- a spicy, tangy green salsa that goes perfectly with meats, salads and as a dipping sauce.


Thai food has become one of the most popular across the world in more recent times. The more common dishes we’ve grown to know like Pad Thai and Thai green curry are only a very small part of the country’s tradition cuisine. Some of the best foods found there are its street food, particularly in the markets of Bangkok. Not just that, Thai food is cheap to eat and some of the healthiest dishes too- you can’t go wrong!



The by-word for top cuisine. You can still find micro-portions cooked with gastronomic sauces, but you’ll find local restaurants that serve more – more flavour and more value too. Make sure you try onion soup, pot-au-feu and beef bourguignon for a little taste of French cuisine. Although not a national dish, cheese and pastries are a way of life in France. Macaroons, crepes and pain au chocolats among almost every other type of pastry are served fresh every day.


If you enjoy spicy, flavour infused foods then Nepal is the place for you. A variety of colour curries, dhals and tasty vegetables along with traditional rotis and rice dishes help make Nepal a powerhouse of Asian food and the perfect destination for all foodies. Dessert in Nepal is also a colourful dish in this part of the world. Kulfi, a traditional Indian ice-cream that comes in many different flavours is one of the most popular to locals and tourists.



Italy is a lot more than pasta and pizza. It’s the classic home of exquisite food. Every foodie should visit Italy at least twice – once to sample the local foods and once to wine and dine in the big cities. Seasonal produce is the norm in Italy, the weather holds true most of the year so fresh tomatoes and vegetables such as peppers and mushrooms are staples. Eat in the old town area of Rome and experience true Italian delicacy finished with a traditional tiramisu.

The Deep South, USA

Last and by no means least, the USA is most definitely up there with one of the most popular holiday destinations for foodies. New Orleans in particular, home of Mardi Gras, is famous for its beignets and jambalaya. You may be surprised to learn the French quarter of New Orleans offers classic food to rival the most expensive European destinations and sees visitors from all over the world wanting to get a taste of the experience.

For all you foodies, make sure your holiday is full of amazing food and service from the very beginning. This starts with the experience you’ll receive before your trip has even began! Reputable air charter services such as Chapman Freeborn will make sure that all you foodies are satisfied from the start to very end of your holiday, wherever you choose to go!



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