There’s nothing more enjoyable than a bargain holiday that barely cost you, because you don’t feel it owes you anything, and there’s no pressure to enjoy to any particular degree. Because of this, you often find that you enjoy it even more!

Bargain holidays when combined with bargain extras certainly make me smile. To cut out costs further, I usually decide to drive myself to the airport and pre-book my airport parking spot well ahead of time. This way, I don’t have to factor in the cost and stress of a busy train or coach, or having to go through a complicated and costly taxi booking. Instead, I kick back and relax prior to loading up the car in my own time, and setting off whenever I please. As long as I’m there in time for check-in, I take my own sweet time. What could be better? I recently booked Luton Airport parking, and I’m looking forward to an equally stress-busting experience.


You don’t have to wait until last minute to grab yourself a true bargain, in fact I don’t often find the lowest prices this way, and I find booking well in advance is better for me. I grabbed a true bargain for last October, and I booked it in January! If you can work out when sales are, especially for airlines, then you could find yourself saving big on return flights. Equally if you’re going DIY, time it right so the airlines and accommodation agency sites you use are both having sales, and that way you get a double whammy money saver!

So where are the cheapest destinations? Well, you always stand a chance at grabbing a bargain all over the world, you just have to time it right and be patient, however there are some destinations that are consistently cheaper than others. Turkey is one of them, and this year it is predicated that the south coast beach resorts will be packed all year. Prices tell you why this is, but it’s also a fantastic destination, packed with fun in the sun, culture and opportunities to see stunning sights along the way.


Another bargain summer break is Bulgaria, with Sunny Beach a huge pull, and prices of eating out and drinking are ridiculously low too. You’ll no doubt find fantastic deals to Egypt and Tunisia too, and Malta is always a budget favourite. Another is obviously Spain, and with the short-haul flight time, this is a great choice for families.

The Canaries are an all year around destination and because of this, out of normal summer season for most other resorts, you’ll find great bargains for these colourful islands.

Wherever you choose, grabbing a bargain may mean opening up your choice to different destinations, ones you might never have thought of visiting. Take my situation for example, I never wanted to go to Turkey, and I was dreading it a bit, although I can’t remember why now. I’ve been back eight times since, and I’m in love with the place. It just goes to show that some places you just have to try – you never know, you might fall in love with your bargain destination.

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