While budget travel certainly has a time and a place, sometimes we all just want a bit of luxury. For this reason, Dubai and Abu Dhabi are excellent choices for travellers of all ages, and they’re close enough that you can visit both destinations in one trip.

Sure, you won’t find the streets paved with gold, but you’ll definitely see plenty of Lamborghinis, Porsches and Ferraris. It may surprise you to find that the women and men will be wearing similar (if likely more expensive) clothes as you, although you’ll definitely find more traditional people with men in thobes and ghutas (robes and head scarves).

Many people assume that Dubai and Abu Dhabi are all wearing burqas, and are completely covered from head to toe, however you’ll be more likely to find hijabs (scarves covering their head) and niqabs which also cover their mouth and face. Dubai also has a hugely international population, with just 5% of residents native, and the rest migrating from places like Pakistan, India, Saudi Arabia, Africa and Eastern Europe.


Whether you’re travelling to the country next door, or looking for an exotic holiday in the middle east, keep in mind that you should always be taking travel insurance with you, to protect yourself in the event that you end up missing a flight, your baggage gets lost or stolen, you get sick, or you hurt yourself while you’re overseas. Since foreign healthcare can cost hundreds and thousands of dollars, ensuring that you have travel insurance is the best way to make sure you have a relaxed, fun holiday and the knowledge that you’re covered while you’re travelling.

If you’re looking for a great place to stay, consider the Royal Radisson, which you’ll find in one of the Nassima Towers (there are two, twin towers). This incredible high-rise is a monument to modernism and creativity, which is evident when you take the time to look at its architecture and decor. The views are amazing, and you’ll see skyscrapers dominating the landscape, along with areas of desert that are completely undeveloped, and even a camel race track which you may spot in the distance.

In order to truly appreciate Dubai, you’ll need to understand its history. While the city is now known as the place to go for luxury, there’s a big reason why it has only been in the limelight for the past 10 years. 50 years ago, the Emirate of Dubai didn’t exist, and oil wasn’t discovered until 1958, back when people were riding donkeys and camels and living in structures made of palm-leaves.


Once the oil was discovered by Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the people of Dubai had a huge upgrade in the way they lived, since he felt that the wealth belonged to all of the people, and he began building infrastructure, roads, and the incredible metropolis that currently exists.

Since Abu Dhabi has all the oil, Dubai is a tourist’s paradise, and you’ll find incredible shopping, dining, and much more while you’re there.

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