Ireland is famous for many things, but most people picture a snug pub and a jaunty tune. There’s a reason why Ireland is known as a musical country, and if you’re planning to take a road trip in Ireland, why not make it a musical drive?

I was lucky enough to visit Ireland last year, and there truly is something for everyone here- regardless of your musical taste. While I’m a top-forty kinda girl, I loved listening to a variety of music while exploring this beautiful country.

Chill Insurance recently conducted a survey and narrowed down some of the most popular drives in Ireland. 28% of the people surveyed said they wanted to see Bono’s birthplace. 32% of respondents said they want to see the Molly Malone Statue- that makes it the most popular musical landmark in Ireland. And if you’re as obsessed with Ed Sheeran’s song Galway Girl as I am, you’ll join the majority of the survey respondents who said they’d like to visit O’Connells Bar, where he shot the music video.

If you’re spending time in Dublin, be sure to visit Croke Park. This is an amazing place in the summer when it’s jam-packed with concerts. Ed Sheeran has played here (yup, I really am obsessed), along with Westlife, Coldplay, and U2.

The INEC Killarney is another good music venue to visit, although you’ll need to see who’s playing before you arrive so you can get tickets. 3 Arena is also in Dublin, and if you’re seeing any of the biggest singers or bands play, this is where they’ll be. Chris Brown, Lady GaGa, and Whitney Houston have all played here.

In Dublin, you’ll also find Whelan’s. This is the place that inspired Ed Sheeran to play music, so if you’re a huge fan, it’s a good venue to visit on your musical drive.

If you make it to Cork, be sure to visit Cyprus Avenue. This place has a classic feel to it, and you’ll love the red velvet curtains.

While Ireland is a must visit if you love road trips and good music, you’ll also find incredible architecture, gorgeous art, breathtaking scenery, and interesting history. Some of the most influential musicians in the world grew up in Ireland, including Sinead O’Connor, Ronan Keating, Enya, and more.

Taking a musical drive in Ireland allows you to see the places where many of these artists got started. And you may even see the next generation of musicians performing along the way.

Have you been on a musical drive in Ireland? Leave a comment below and let me know.

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