If you are looking for a paradisiacal destination for your next holiday, one place you should seriously consider is idyllic Mauritius, a stunning tropical destination, set in the azure Indian Ocean and once home to the long-dead Dodo. This is a place to relax, soak up the eternal sunshine on the ivory-white sands and immerse yourself in local culture.

In addition to this, you will find a variety of wonderful attractions and places of interest to explore here, including a range of natural attractions. When you take a package holiday to Mauritius via Club Med, you’ll be able to combine luxury and relaxation with some discovery and exploration.



Natural attractions not to be missed

Mauritius is rich in splendid natural attractions. Here are just a few to consider.

Tamarin Bay: The fact that it’s not well signposted and therefore easily missed is actually one of the charms of this secluded bay. Here, you’ll enjoy pristine sands, natural beauty and great waves for surfing. This is a breathtakingly beautiful spot, more popular with locals than tourists, so you can get a taste of the real Mauritius here.

Blue Bay Beach: This is the perfect place to come if you want to see a stunning coral reef. You can look forward to some serious snorkelling when you head to this area and explore the marine life up close and personal – or else you could take the drier option and take a glass bottom boat out to sea.

©Alexander Ponick

©Alexander Ponick

Ile aux Aigrettes Nature Reserve: If you are into wildlife and preservation, this is a great attraction. The small island is home to a number of rare wildlife species and is committed to the protection and preservation of them. In addition to seeing the beautiful natural life on show here, you’ll also witness a wealth of flora and fauna that’s indigenous to the island.

Chamarel Waterfall: This stunning waterfall is a sight to behold – it cascades for more than 100 meters and is bordered on all sides by breathtaking natural beauty. The mountainous backdrop combined with the local wildlife creates a place of wonder that will be etched on your memory long after you’ve left.

Pont Naturel: Translating as ‘natural bridge’, this attraction is a great place to head for fantastic photo opportunities. Formed from volcanic rock, it offers splendid views of the torrid and crashing sea below. Pleasingly off-the-beaten-path somewhat, this place that is well worth a visit for the incredible views alone.

©Samovar Incentive

©Samovar Incentive

Adding these natural attractions to your itinerary when you visit Mauritius will make your time here all the more exciting and memorable. Combined with the relaxation opportunities available, it’ll be a holiday to remember for many different reasons.

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