Whether you’re visiting for a weekend or a little longer, a trip to Las Vegas is pretty much guaranteed to be an amazing time. In fact, there are few other places where you can really forget about your troubles and blow off some steam like you can in Vegas.

The City of Sin has great food, a great atmosphere, amazing shows, and of course, the best gambling. If you need to get some practice in before you travel be sure to visit an online casino. In casino.com there are many online blackjack games to practice. Knowing all the rules and becoming familiar with the strategies is very important. So make sure you practice first!

Here are some things to do on your next trip to Las Vegas:


Watch a Show

The shows in Vegas have a reputation for being amazing, and with so many to choose from, the hardest part is deciding whether you’d like to see a comedy, peep show, acrobatics or live performance. Be sure to get your tickets early so you don’t need to wait in line.

See the Grand Canyon

While there’s nothing wrong with spending all your time on the strip, if you’ve come this far it makes sense to visit the Grand Canyon. With so many different ways to see it, you’re really spoiled for choice and could take a helicopter tour, ride a mule, or get some exercise and do a hike.

Stay Central

Sure, you could save some money by choosing a hotel off the strip, but where’s the fun in that? The best way to experience Las Vegas is by staying on the strip where everything happens, so consider staying somewhere like Caesar’s Palace or the Bellagio to experience the “real” Las Vegas.


Visit a Speakeasy

Las Vegas is full of speakeasies, and it’s up to you to decide if you want something modern with a speakeasy “vibe” or if you’d rather be part of the club and know that very few people know how to get into the bar. Try Capo’s for excellent live entertainment or Downtown Cocktail Room which has a secret, trick tour to keep the riff-raff out.

Go Shopping

There are plenty of opportunities for shopping in Las Vegas, so if your closet needs a refresh you’ve come to the right place. The huge number of 5-star hotels means that if you’re looking for clothes that are a bit fancier you can choose from brands like Chanel and Dior, while there are also plenty of outlet malls just a short drive from the strip.

Eat up Large

If you’ve been to Las Vegas you know that it’s a good idea to work out and eat well for a few weeks and bring your sweatpants for the night-after brunch. The buffets are famous here, and you’ll be able to choose from a wide-range of all you can eat delicacies, so be sure to try a few of the most popular choices.


With so many spas and pools and great weather, Las Vegas is also the perfect place to relax. Bring a good book or two and lie by the pool after a night out and you’ll be able to recharge your batteries.

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