Whether you travel regularly or hardly ever go away, you may have found that narrowing down your many options for holiday destinations is far harder than you anticipated. There are many factors which go into considering the best destination, including the people you’re traveling with, how much time you have off work, the amount of time you’re willing to spend on a plane, the type of climate and temperature you prefer, your budget, and your travel style and the level of comfort you like.

So how do you decide where you’ll go on holiday this year? Here are some ways you can decide on the best place for you:


Look at the type of travel you like best

Think back to your favourite trips, and ask yourself what it was that made them so fun and memorable. Maybe it was hiking and enjoying nature and camping under the stars, or perhaps it was five-star luxury and spending time by the pool. Whether you’re the type who loves wandering through museums and learning about the history of a destination or you prefer to try as many different foods as possible, taking this into account is a great way to replicate the best parts of previous holidays and this will help you evaluate the type of experience each destination can offer.

Talk to your travel buddies

Unless you’re traveling solo, it’s important to recognise that if you want everyone to have a good time, you’re probably going to have to compromise. If the whole family is going on holiday, scope out whether there are age-appropriate activities for the kids and plenty of things to keep mum and dad occupied as well. If you’re traveling with your significant other or a group of friends, communication is one of the main things which determine whether your trip will be a success, so it’s crucial that you start the way you mean to go on, and support each other and listen to everyone’s input when deciding on a destination.


Take a quiz

One good thing about online travel quizzes, is they introduce you to potential destinations that you may not have otherwise considered. My Voucher Codes has teamed up with My Perfect Holiday to design a quiz which looks at a range of factors including your budget, ideal weather, and the activities you like to do on holiday, and has an algorithm that takes your answers and introduces you to potential destinations.

For instance choosing hot weather, “party on” and the smallest budget option gives me the result of “Sunny Beach Bulgaria”, a destination that I may not have considered, even though Bulgaria is becoming more and more popular with tourists every year.

For more information about the quiz, be sure to check out this article, which explains why the quiz was developed and how it can help users decide on the perfect destination for their holiday this year.

You can now try the calculator below:

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