Toronto is a fabulous cosmopolitan city with a lot to offer. Here’s the ultimate guide of top things to do when exploring this city.

1. Check out the view from the CN tower.

The CN tower is hard to miss on the skyline of Toronto. Once the tallest tower in the world it still stands tall, above the rest of the skyline at 553 metres. You can walk on the glass floor at 342 metres or take in the view at a whopping 447 metres above the city. Depending on where you stay, your Toronto hotel might have some great views, but there’s nothing better than the CN tower.

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2. Go hear the fans scream at a local ice hockey match.

Ice hockey is a complete obsession in Canada, and you really get to appreciate just how passionate Canadians are about this sport when you go to a match. The local team of Toronto is the Maple Leafs, so check out their schedule and got to a local game.

3. See the immense power of the Niagara Falls.

Whilst this isn’t in Toronto exactly you can’t really be in the region without visiting these famous falls. It’s only a 90 minute drive out of town. If you want whilst you are out of town you can explore the surrounding wine region too.

4. Shop till our heart is content.

You can’t have a major city without some great shopping and Toronto has it all. The Eaton Centre is the place to go for anything from high street brand to boutique designers. Or if markets are more your thing then visit the St. Lawrence Market for fresh produce and antiques.

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5. Taste the world’s cuisine.

Toronto’s population has so many people from all over the world, making it a foodies heaven for international cuisine. You can taste dishes from Chinatown, Little India, Little Italy and much more. Whatever your taste buds crave, I’m sure Toronto will have a restaurant to match.

6. Go to the theatre.

When going to a show we think of London or New York but Toronto has a great theatre scene where you can often catch one of the many touring international shows.

7. See the giant Pandas.

Toronto Zoo was lucky enough to get two giant pandas from Beijing until 2018. These creature are a very rear site at any international zoo these days. So grab your camera and go experience just how beautiful these creatures are. Of course there a lots of other animals at Toronto Zoo you can go see, but the Pandas are a real treat.


8. Party up a storm.

Toronto has a heaving nightlife and if you want to dance the night away with 30,000 other clubbers then head to the Entertainment District. This is one of the most concentrated clubbing areas worldwide. So put your dancing shoes on, let your hair down and enjoy this amazing night life.

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