I don’t know about you, but when I’m travelling, I often get sick. I think it’s a combination of late nights, bad food, and a delicate immune system, and it has ruined what should have been great trips many times before.

Since I have the immune system of a newborn, unvaccinated baby, I’ve learned the best ways to make sure I stay healthy. Ready? Let’s get started.

Get enough sleep

When you don’t get enough sleep, you don’t have the energy to exercise, you crave bad food, you’re grumpy, and your body can’t properly fight off any bugs. Travelling is exhausting, especially when you’re dealing with airports, flights, security, time zone changes and jet lag. While some people can seem to party every night and explore each destination every day, I’ve accepted that’s not my life. And for most people, sleep is crucial for good health while on the move.


Pace Yourself

If you don’t travel often, it can be tempting to try and see an entire city in one day. It’s natural to want to see everything you can. But it’s better to stay for a little longer so you can slow down your travel pace and spread out your itinerary. This also means that you’ll really get to know an area instead of simply “being there.” Sure, you should still b active and explore your surroundings but be sure to take enough breaks and relax when you’re feeling tired.

Keep Exercising

Whenever possible, get a hotel with an included fitness center or consider grabbing a temporary gym pass somewhere locally. Otherwise, there are plenty of ways to work out in your room, so consider using an online workout video (YouTube has plenty) or do a few bodyweight exercises like jumping jacks, pushups, or situps.

Make sure you stick to a schedule as much as possible so you won’t wake up and realise you haven’t worked out for two weeks.

Pack Smart

It’s a good idea to pack a first aid kit to keep you safe and healthy on the road. Include a thermometre, vitamins (vitamin C and L-Lysine are great), bandaids, and don’t forget to pack some pain-relievers for those days when you feel headachy or unwell.

Eat Well

When you’re travelling, it can be easy to get wrapped up in trying the local food. And it’s tempting to eat and drink everything in sight when you’re in holiday mode. Do yourself a favor and add a side of vegetables to that heavy pasta dish (eat them first so you’ll have room), occasionally switch out dessert for a piece of fruit, and lay off the booze so you’ll sleep better.




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