I’ve always been a water baby. My parents got me into swimming lessons before I could walk and I have been a surf lifesaving member since I was 7. Dad taught me how to surf as a 12 year old and I have never lived more than 10 minutes from a beach. I love the ocean, I feel the most at home at the beach, whether its sprinting on the sand, body surfing or swimming.

I always loved the peacefulness of being out beyond the break. The frantic scramble to make it out the back and get past the seemingly endless walls of whitewater was followed by the serenity of sitting on your board, listening to the waves crashing, the sea breeze in your hair and on your face. One thing I have never tried is Scuba Diving, so when we head to Bali later in the year I’m going to get amongst.

Here is a quick shortlist of sweet spots around Indonesia to dive into this alien world.

©an putri

©an putri

Banda Neira

These remote Islands are among the most popular among divers. If you are a first timer or a seasoned veteran this is a magic spot. There is a shallow lagoon between Bandaneira and Gunung Api that’s perfect for beginners, while the vertical walls of Hatta Island look absolutely crazy. Packed with corals and a plethoria of marine life, including the super rare Napoleon fish.


This 40,000 hectare island is know for its crystal clear water offering a 1080p HD view of the stunning underwater scenery and the gazillion different tropical fish. The coral reefs are a highlight here and are a perfect spot to take some underwater photo’s. Izys not as keen on diving as I am so at least this way I can share some of my experiences with her.


This island boasts a coral reef with an area of 1 million hectares! I can’t even comprehend that, and am making a promise to myself that I will visit this natural wonder. Its barrier reef is perfect to explore around, and has steep walled drop offs to challenge and excite the braver diver. Selayar is so special because it has not been spoilt by tourism; it’s a hidden gem and largely untouched.

I can’t wait to explore it.

Have any of you guys been diving in Indo?
Where would you recommend?

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