When you are on your travels there are some very useful and enjoyable apps available. Whether you need information, or you want some time to yourself, there’s an app for absolutely everything. So here are a few to consider.


If you’re visiting London, to get around you can use the tube, but if you fancy seeing the sights whilst travelling, then you can use the London bus times app which is available on itunes. Next Bus Arrivals London has access to Transport for London live data, which contains real time information about bus arrivals, at all stops in London. Its key features are that it can search by name, so you can add bus stops by searching for them name by name; it can search ID, so you can also add bus stops by entering the bus stop ID which is printed on a code plate placed above the timetable; you can search by location, quickly adding bus stops which are located near you at any time, and you can check current location arrivals, at the bus stop which is the closest to you at any time without knowing its name.

Whilst you’re travelling and you have a bit spare time then you can play the Star Wars app, which is available on android. You can seek the Force and wield its power to lead The Uprising, by joining millions of players worldwide in a fight against the Empire. There are big Sector Battles to engage in, which dictates the expansion of the in-game content. You are able to create your own powerful character and crew, and play in real time co-op with friends. Or if you fancy a game with rewards then why not try one of Coral’s regular casino promotions? Coral’s bingo bonus is offering you £30 when you spend £5, and all new players get 7 days of free games. Clover Rollover and Fireworkz Blitz slot games have jackpots reaching up to £1 million, so you can maybe get a little cash whilst you’re travelling.


If you fancy losing yourself in a novel, then there are also apps for book lovers. Available on your apple devices, this app means you can have a book wherever you go. You can stay up to date on the latest best sellers and it has the best e-readers, audiobook players, and book related apps. Goodreads connects users with a large population of readers and their reviews. The iReaditNow helps you keep track of the books you own, have read, want to read and are reading. With iBooks you can buy books through the app, browse, download, manage, and read an extensive library of new releases. It also has notes, annotations, highlighting, bookmarks, and some iCloud support.


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